President & CEO

Dr. Robyn S. Joppy began her career in business management in a corporate establishment upon completion of her college education. Robyn is a staunch advocate of education and believes that experience and continuous learning are two critical factors needed to achieve your highest potential.


Robyn is passionate about education, and she is constantly upgrading her knowledge in different fields including human resources development, mentoring and coaching, compliance education and training, financial projections, financial audits, bill management and cash flow analysis, merchandise tracking and analysis, international tour budgeting, insurance requirements, performance contract negotiations, and the establishment and coordination of development of procedures, policies, and standards in line with the provision of premium service delivery to her clients.


Starting a career in corporate America, Robyn gradually rose through the ranks while serving at various positions in Public Relations and Professional Services, National Marketing, and Business, and as VP of Compliance and Integrity in an International Organization.


Robyn’s entry into the entertainment industry reads like a fairytale. She got a request to manage her first client through the power of the social media and her strong reputation for an uncompromising sense of integrity and ethics. The rest, as they say, is now history.